Become A Vendor

Do you have a big garden and more produce than you can eat? 
Do you make a unique item and want to sell it? 

Why not become a vendor at The Nampa Farmers Market?

You Decide How Often You Attend!
(You can make some money and, it’s a lot of fun!)

Important Dates for Vendors:

March 13 – Craft Jury for New Craft Vendors – scheduled times
March 20 – Spring Vendor Meeting 10:00 AM
March 27- Vendor Training – time TBA

All these events will be held at:
New Covenant Baptist Church
624 Lake Lowell Ave, Nampa, ID

How to Apply to Become A Vendor:

Download the Application and Policies and Procedures. Read everything, fill out application and mail it to us.

Register With the Idaho State Tax Board

Event ID:        857997312

ALL vendors MUST do the following:
Go to and under “Other Services” click “Temporary Sellers and Promoters.”

Choose “Seller” on the next page and then click “Next.”

Choose “Temporary” on the next page and then click “Next.”

On the following page you need to enter the Event ID 857997312
then click “Next.”

On the next page you will enter your seller information, click “Next,” and then verify your information.

When you reach the Confirmation page, you are notified that you’ve been sent an email with the information you need in order to participate in the market including a form to display.

All vendors must complete these steps, even if you are not making sales or if you have a regular seller’s permit.

Subscribe to our vendor email list HERE

NOTE: emailed applications will NOT be accepted.  Please mail completed applications along with payment, copy of the sales tax email, proof of insurance (if required) and applicable permits to:

Nampa Farmers Market
P.O. Box 332
Nampa, ID 83653