Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips For Visiting

The Nampa Farmers Market

1) For the best selection of produce come early. 

2) Bring change and small bills. Many vendors also accept credit and debit cards, and EBT tokens are available for purchase at the Information Booth. 

3) Ask the grower what’s new and how do they use their product (any recipes?). 

4) Bring your own bags. Some vendors also recycle shopping bags. 

5) You may want to bring a cooler on wheels to keep produce, meat and other perishables fresh until it gets home.  

6) If you bring your canine friends please make sure they are leashed and under control by your side at all times.  Your dog must be child and dog friendly and well behaved.  Not everyone is a dog lover – be considerate.  Keep your dog away from produce and other food products (This means both head and tail ends)
Be prepared to always clean up after them. 

7) The market is a great way to decompress and mingle with your neighbors!