John Relk Memorial Scholarship

2024 John Relk Memorial Scholarship Winners Announced Soon

The Relk Memorial Scholarship was instituted as a memorial to the Nampa Farmers Market’s founders, John and Afine Relk. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage youth as entrepreneurs specifically in the fields of agriculture and produce, over the years, this ideal has been expanded in recent years to include foods, arts, and crafts. There is a fifteen week commitment to be a Relk Scholarship recipient at our market. 

Scholarship Awardees receive either full or partial Vendor Membership to the Nampa Farmers Market and may also receive use of supportive supplies such as canopies, tables, and chairs during their season at the Nampa Farmers Market. They may also receive a $5 rate or the standard Youth Entrepreneur rate in our 2024 Rules and Regulations Handbook.

The Relk Memorial Scholarship was instituted as a memorial to the Market’s founders, John and Afine Relk. 

John Relk

John Relk was a math, chemistry and physics teacher at a variety of schools throughout the community. He was also a part-time farmer and dairyman – always enjoying plants, trees and gardening.

John founded the Nampa Farmers Market in 1989 with his wife Afine.  They had a vision.  They saw a community market which provided local food and products made by friends and neighbors.  They modeled their idea of a local farmers market on what Afine had experienced at farmers markets in the Netherlands. They enjoyed being able to share their excess produce and eventually combine it with many other local vendors to provide a weekly Saturday market that the Nampa community has come to enjoy and appreciate.

Before John passed away, he expressed a great desire to teach and encourage young people to grow a garden and to sell what they grow at the farmers market.  The Board of Directors of the Nampa Farmers Market initiated this scholarship to fulfill his vision.