Produce and Agriculture Vendors

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Blessed Family Farms

John Jackson

Vegetables, Eggs, Flowers

Bliss & Whimsy

Sue Libey

I will be selling fresh cut flower bouquets, flower and vegetable seedlings, kokodama (bonsai), along with handcrafted wreaths and decor for the home.

Cook’s Family Farm

Gina Cook

In the early season will be ready to sell locally grazed meats, and starter plants. Then as the season progresses we will continue sales of the meats but be adding on veggies, ranging from salad mix, radishes, beets, corn, tomatoes, and peppers etc. Hopefully our little chicks will start producing eggs to sell too!

Druids Dream Acres

Jason Riley

We supply Frozen Meats: Pork, Beef, Bison, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey and duck. We also have a line of sauces and such we have made for us.

Feather & Fold

Madison Ishida

Hello! We are Feather and Fold, a family run farm. We specialize in pasture raised poultry, both chickens and turkeys, as well as pasture raised eggs. Our animals are raised on alfalfa pastures and rotated daily. This eliminates the need for vaccinations, hormones, antibiotics, or medicated feed. We supplement our chickens with Corn-free, Soy-free, non-GMO feed. We source everything within the Treasure Valley, from hatching chicks, to buying local feed, to humane processing, everything is local, supporting other small businesses. This year we are excited to offer chicks from our laying hens! Each week we will have a limited number of chicks available for purchase. All chicks are dual purpose (can be used for laying eggs or raising your own meat) and straight run (can be male or female). Current breeds available: Moss eggers (lay green eggs), Brahma (lay brown eggs), and Barred Rock (lay light brown eggs). Availability and breed will vary week to week, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on what is available. Aside from raising pastured poultry and eggs, we grow a wide variety of organic seasonal produce. It starts in our greenhouse and is transplanted to a large garden. Be on the lookout for fresh vegetables later this summer. And just to keep ourselves busy, we dabble in sourdough bread, baked good, and we are in the final stages of creating Children’s books! We can’t wait to see you all this season. Nampa Farmers Market is truly the best.

Garrett Ranches

Angie Swallow

Garrett Ranches is our 5 generation family fruit farm located near Homedale, Idaho. Our 1940’s fruit packing shed is our roadside farm store where we sell our delicious orchard fruit, garden vegetables and several other locally produced goods. We invite you to come shop at the farm mid June – end of Sept or from our booth at the farmer’s market each week! From our orchards you can expect to enjoy cherries, apricots, plums, Italian prunes, Donut peaches, 4 other varieties of peaches, and apples. From our 2 acre garden you can look forward to fresh tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, cantaloupe and watermelon. We also grow several acres of delicious sweet corn! We are looking forward to sharing the “fruits of our labors” with our local communities this year!

Heaven’s Harvest LLC

Heather Mingus

Locally grown market bouquets both fresh and dried. Gifts for sale using these flowers and the growers own creativity as the focal point.

High Desert Dahlias and Blooms by Jo

Jodi Larson

High Desert Dahlias and Blooms by Jo offers a large variety of beautiful locally grown specialty cut flowers. We will offer wrapped bouquets, flower bundles, vase arrangements, and single stems. Dahlia tubers, vegetable and herb starts, as well as cut flower seeds will be available early in the season.

High Vibe Micro

Tyler Cummings

MicroGreens: Sunflower, speckled pea, broccoli, red cabbage, rambo radish, leeks and combo mixes.

Hipwell Ranch

Mitch & Brecca Hipwell

All Natural Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Pastured Chicken and Pastured Pork Natural Solutions- Tallow Balms, Cleaning Products, DIY Bundles

Phone:  208-495-6818

Facebook @hipwellranch

Instagram @hipwellranch

Our family works hard to provide quality, Idaho meats direct to you! Hipwell Ranch offers All Natural, Grass Fed and Finished Beef along with chicken and pork. No antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO- simply back to our roots farming practices that create healthy soils, sustainable feed, and high nutritional benefits for all Hipwell Ranch meats.

Hoagland Meat

Tiffany Wheeler

We are Hoagland Meat! Your hometown local butcher shop that now delivers fresh beef straight to your front door. All our cattle is grass-fed, grain-finished, and raised right here in the Treasure Valley. We are organic, and hormone free.

Jammi’s Veggies

Michele Alidjani

Jammi’s Veggies is Celebrating 15 Seasons this year at Nampa Farmers Market. We will be selling our Homemade Baklava, Yummy Fudge, Baked Goods, and Jams including Huckleberry and New this year Sugar Free Jams. We will also be selling our Famous Scrubbies, Dish Rags, Kitchen Towels and other Fun Crochet toys, as well as 3D printed Chess Sets, Key Chains, Dragon Eggs and More. We can’t wait to see you all this season at the Best Farmers Market in Idaho.

Koz-Gro Organics

Kaitlin Butler

OMRI listed gardening and landscaping products– Liquid plant and soil amendment

KozGro Organics is an organic plant and soil builder. Our products increase plant health and productivity!

Lavender and Lace Boutique

Nicholetta Gallagher

Jams and Jellies, sourdough baked goods using vegies and fruits from our farm, hand crafted candles, soaps, sachets made from the lavender, heirloom rose and herbs we grow on our little farm. Wood craft items hand made in our shop. Woman and Veteran owned business.

LBRIZV Produce & Crafts

LBRIZV Produce & Crafts is back for it’s 3rd season as a vendor with the Nampa Farmers Market. We hope to bring our tomatoes, potatoes, squash, flowers, and more to the market this year. We intend to continue selling our soap carving kits, plant starts and our hand-painted flower pots and homemade handwarmers as well. This year, we’re hoping to add scented potpourri sachets, a stuffed-animal and doll repair station, and homemade upcycled- kid-crafted brick-boxes. We may have live chicks, rabbits, and eggs for sale as well, still waiting on that info.

Living Homesteadily

Janessa Taylor

Native and heirloom plant starts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, microgreens, cold process soap, compost, leachate, handmade crafts, and hopefully more.

Purvis Nursery and Orchard

Bob Purvis

Apples, apricots, sweet cherries, tart cherries, peaches, pears, and plums

Rachel’s Produce

Rachel Johnson

Veggies, herbs, and berry/fruit starts, potted perennials/flowers, occasional cut flowers, all types of fresh veggies and fruit, pasture raised chicken and pork, wild Alaskan salmon, eggs, Jam, pies and a few other baked goods. Potentially chicks and other birds if it works out in the spring.

Robin’s Nest

Robin Wojcik

I sell amazing desert plants that I source locally or propegate myself along with other home grown materials and arrange them into beautiful living displays using upcycled materials. I am a semi-professional wildlife photographer and especially love to take photos of Idaho’s hawks and bird life.

Sky Ranch Nursery

Tammy Clark

Raspberry plants, raspberries in season, other vegetables and house plants

Walnut Creek Nursery and Landscaping

Geoffrey Calkins

We will have a variety of vegetable plants, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, culinary and medicinal herbs, and lettuces. We also have 8+ varieties of grapes. This year we will also be adding a selection of houseplants.