Logo Use Policy

Marketing Materials and Restricted Use of Nampa Farmers Market (“Market”) Logos:

The name of the Market and other names as may be adopted by the Market are proprietary trade names and Logos of the Market. As such, these marks are of great value to the Market and are supplied to Vendor for Vendor’s use only in an expressly authorized manner.

Vendor agrees not to advertise the Market products or services in any way other than the advertising or promotional materials made available to Vendor by the Market.

The Market will not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, trade names, logos, etc., without its prior written permission.

All Market materials, whether printed, on film, produced by sound recording, or on the internet, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by Vendors or any other person except as authorized by the Market.

Permission to reproduce any materials will be considered only by the Market. A Vendor should not anticipate that approval will be granted based on market history, but rather by the quality of product.

A Market Vendor Must Not:

Edit, alter or customize any Nampa Farmers Market Trademark, including logos approved for use, in any manner without express permission from the Nampa Farmers Market.

Use any logo or service mark that is similar to or may be confused with any Nampa Farmers Market Logo or Nampa Farmers Market Content.

Combine any Nampa Farmers Market Trademark or Nampa Farmers Market Content with any

other Logos or service marks.

Use Nampa Farmers Market Logos or Nampa Farmers Market Content in connection with any other business, event, or opportunity outside of the Nampa Farmers Market Branding.

Register or attempt to register any Nampa Farmers Market Logos.

 Printed Business Materials

Any printed materials, including business cards and stationery, products, and promotional signage must be approved by the Market in advance. Criteria for approving these materials will include a judgment regarding the quality of the materials as well as properly setting forth the independent status of the Vendor.

Application to use Nampa Farmers Market Logo: