Hot Pepper Challenge

Toby Waters Repeats as First Place Winner

Took Home $300.00

Second Place Winner of $200.00 Joshua Ast

Third Place Winner of $100.00 Arthur Nephew

Toby Waters is now a two-time winner of the Nampa Farmers Market Hot Pepper Challenge. Waters took home first prize of $300.00 and a bottle of Tums. Waters bested 14 other contestants by eating a grand total of 26 hot peppers ranging in heat from the Jalapeno pepper (1800-3000 Scovile Units) to new hybrid, the Primotali which is estimated at 2.2 Million to 2.5 million Scoville units.

One by one, contestants dropped out as the heat increased with each successive pepper. After the hottest pepper had been consumed, five contestants remained. That put the contest into tie-breaking mode – the person that could eat 6 more of the hottest peppers in the shortest amount of time would win.

Waters downed the peppers like candy, taking only 11 seconds to eat all six. Second place winner Joshua Ast barely edged out third place winner Arthur Nephew by about a second.

Waters won the debut contest in 2019.

Each entrant received a commemorative T-Shirt.

Can Toby three-peat? Tune in September 2022 for our next exciting Hot Pepper Challenge!

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