Nampa Farmers Market Gets New Look

Nampa Farmers Market Gets New Look

See something different? The Nampa Farmers Market has had a face lift! We’re just 32 years old, but it was time for a little nip and tuck in the image department!

We started with a whole new logo. This logo gives recognition and pays homage to the whole reason we are here. The tradition of farming. It also gives a hat tip to the fact that our Farmers Market location is Lloyd Square – for years the site of Lloyd Lumber.

The logo is bold, easily recognizable, and, if we don’t mind saying so ourselves, beautiful.

Next, our website has undergone a significant upgrade. With many more functions and ease of use, we think you will like it. It utilizes the latest web technology and will look good on any device.

Let us know in the comments what you think!

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